Frog TutoringDec 3, 2021 1:20 PM

Amumba - How To Get Your Students Excited About School!

We would like to encourage you to use as part of your strategy in motivating your clients. Amumba is a social mentoring platform that rewards students for doing the basic things they need to do to flourish in all aspects of their young lives. Amumba is a great educational tool and we are seeing significant results from tutors, parents, and students who are using it already.

Curious? It's absolutely FREE to sign up.

How to sign up as a mentor:

  • - Click here
  • - You can simply enter your name, email, and location, or sign up using Facebook to create your mentor account
  • - Check the box "Do you agree to our terms of service?"
  • - Check your email for login confirmation.
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